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I will be going on a trip to Boston a week from today! Every year, My mum, sister and I go down to Boston for an extended weekend to do lots of shopping, eating, and of course to watch the Boston Marathon {Yes I was there in 2013}. I am super excited, and since I won’t have time to get most things ready during the next week, {I have school} I have started getting preparations.

One of the things that I need to do is pick which doll to bring with me. Last year I brought Winnie, and this year I thought you guys should vote! Here’s a list of my dolls for reference:

  1. AviaAvia with exclusive sunglasses, wearing exclusive dress, hair is in twisty pigtails
  6. Summer101_1377
  7. Julie {no picture}
  8. Katie {Hopscotch Hills Doll} {No Picture}
  9. Josefina {no picture}

Okay so that’s the list of dolls I could bring. I probably won’t bring Julie, Katie or Joesfina, but you can vote for any of the other dolls! Just comment below. I will take a TON of pictures of my trip, especially with the doll I’m with. I will be able to reply to your comments and like posts, but I won’t be able to make any posts, so I will schedule posts to go up during that time. Also, my parents are going away for a week in two weeks, and I won’t be at my house, or able to reply to any comments. I will reply to all of the comments later on.

Is there any specific thing you would like me to get at the American Girl store? Is there anything you’d like to see pictures of? Let me know in the comments below.





Christmas Rush



LCD Merry for blog

How have you guys been doing? What’s on you wishlist? I want to know! Here’s mine!


  • Ever since I was first introduced to Pippaloo on Etsy, I have LOVED their food. It is so well made, and very realistic, and the many bloggers I follow love this Etsy shop.

American Girl Items

  • This one is sort of a given, seeing as I am always seeking out items to use for photostories, and this blog is about American Girl Dolls.

Socksfor blog

  • I love socks. They are amazing, and as Dumbledore once said, “One can never have enough socks” That’s the truth. I especially like ones by American Eagle.


  • I want to cuddle up in one so badly! Every year, we open our Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve, and wear them to bed! It’s a really fun tradition.

I do have more items on my list, but these are the huge items that I want. I also want to reach 25 followers, and I’m only two people short. Tell your friends, because when I reach 25 followers, I’ll start working on a giveaway!