I guess this is goodbye



as you may have noticed, i haven’t really been posting on this blog much in the past few months.

and i’m sorry, i really am, but i don’t think i will be posting anymore.

this past monday was my first day of highschool, one that went smoother than i expected. but highschool comes with a lot of homework, and a lot of activities.

and i haven’t touched my dolls for the past three months…

these past two years have been amazing. all of you guys are super nice ans supportive, and i hope you understand my decision to stop posting. but don’t worry! i may still stop by on my personal blog: carolinedailey.wordpress.com


so thanks for this. i love you all.






Please Take This Survey

Outdoor Sunshine


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. We recently got a new computer so I lost ALL of my photos and have to restart. Here are a couple from last weekend when the weather was behaving nicely.

Wow! WordPress made such a nice collage for me!

I hope you enjoy these pictures!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!





New Year, New Photos


A while ago I took photos of 3 of the girls (Winnie, Rain, and Clementine). They are in Holiday outfits, but the clothes fit all the winter. It is snowing today, so I thought that this would be a fun post!


PB080248.JPGPB080249.JPGPB080250.JPGPB080251.JPGWinnie’s up next 🙂


I have more, but I think I will share them another day, as I am having problems uploading the images.

Please comment below questions for a Q and A, where you will see the rest of these pictures!



Pippaloo Food Review


Chocolate Cake: This is so realistic! Every time I look at it I want to eat it :). The detailing is incredible, though the sides are getting a little white from rubbing them against things.


The Gelatin: I love this because it’s unexpected, but still super realistic. It is a solid piece


The Cookies: I got two sets of these, and I’m glad I did. They are very cute, and they look fabulous in my doll’s cookie jar!


The Mint Bars: These are adorable, and make me crave mint every time I look at/think about them!

That’s all for today!

I’m gonna go make a doll hoverboard, so bye!


Plans for the future


This post is going to be all about my plans for the future on this blog, plus a TEENY bit of updates. But it won’t be boring. And it’s important that you read.

I have recently started posting more on my personal blog, Thinking Out Loud. I would appreciate it if you could go check it out!

filler for blog

Since I got Lea, I’ve decided to keep most of my doll stuff else were, and only keep the things I am going to use out, because my room is being eaten alive. I am hoping that I will be able to build a dollhouse over the summer, but don’t count on it. It may not happen.

I have kind of shifted personalities a bit, so I’m gonna introduce you guys again:

Photo on 2016-01-09 at 13.27

Avia: Hi!
I’m Avia, a renamed GOTY. Here are some things about me:

  • I have recently started gymnastics after moving here.
  • I love dogs, but I’m allergic to most cats.
  • I am very picky when it comes to food.
  • I love to travel.



  • I am a level 8 gymnast
  • I love apples and watermelon
  • I am homeschooled
  • I love looking at other people’s blogs!



  • I love sweaters
  • Rain and I are the only ones who go to school.
  • I like to play with Summer’s dolls
  • I like photography

Full top shot body


  • My nickname is Clem.
  • I love to dance- especially ballet and modern
  • I like dolls
  • I love to cook



  • I am one of the two girls who aren’t home schooled.
  • I LOVE to read.
  • I am the oldest (though Amanda’s my twin, I was born first)
  • I like to do chores



  • I’m a level five gymnast.
  • I like to model in pictures, as well as for American Girl.
  • I MAY get a YouTube when I’m older.
  • I am the youngest.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about my dolls. I will have time to shoot several photostories this long weekend, and I’m looking forward to it.




Super Awesome News!


I have some news for you!

But first, my Christmas Haul


Yes! I got a chocolate cake, gelatin, and two different cookie sets! They’re so cute! I’m definitely in love with these sets, and they will make some great photostories.


I got a SUPER comfy fleece Sock Monkey onesie! It’s a bit of an obsession…

I also got a reflector, and a light box for my photos.

I got a bunch of Twisted Peppermint scented items from Bath & Body Works

Now for the big news!

Yesterday I ordered Lea’s Exclusive collection, with her ears pierced. It will come in 6-9 business days, and I’m dying!



Christmas Rush



LCD Merry for blog

How have you guys been doing? What’s on you wishlist? I want to know! Here’s mine!


  • Ever since I was first introduced to Pippaloo on Etsy, I have LOVED their food. It is so well made, and very realistic, and the many bloggers I follow love this Etsy shop.

American Girl Items

  • This one is sort of a given, seeing as I am always seeking out items to use for photostories, and this blog is about American Girl Dolls.

Socksfor blog

  • I love socks. They are amazing, and as Dumbledore once said, “One can never have enough socks” That’s the truth. I especially like ones by American Eagle.


  • I want to cuddle up in one so badly! Every year, we open our Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve, and wear them to bed! It’s a really fun tradition.

I do have more items on my list, but these are the huge items that I want. I also want to reach 25 followers, and I’m only two people short. Tell your friends, because when I reach 25 followers, I’ll start working on a giveaway!