Christmas Rush



LCD Merry for blog

How have you guys been doing? What’s on you wishlist? I want to know! Here’s mine!


  • Ever since I was first introduced to Pippaloo on Etsy, I have LOVED their food. It is so well made, and very realistic, and the many bloggers I follow love this Etsy shop.

American Girl Items

  • This one is sort of a given, seeing as I am always seeking out items to use for photostories, and this blog is about American Girl Dolls.

Socksfor blog

  • I love socks. They are amazing, and as Dumbledore once said, “One can never have enough socks” That’s the truth. I especially like ones by American Eagle.


  • I want to cuddle up in one so badly! Every year, we open our Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve, and wear them to bed! It’s a really fun tradition.

I do have more items on my list, but these are the huge items that I want. I also want to reach 25 followers, and I’m only two people short. Tell your friends, because when I reach 25 followers, I’ll start working on a giveaway!






5 thoughts on “Christmas Rush

  1. Lillian remember when we were planning on making a collab blog. Well i totally forgot about it mostly because I took a short break from blogging. Soooo are we still gonna work on that or is the idea just trashed


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