Opinions on Maryellen items

I really like the doll, I think she is really cute!

Her meet accessories while simple are elegant and include a lot of white.

While her school outfit is not a personal favorite, I can see the appeal.

I really like this outfit, as modern dolls could wear it as well.

This is an adorable addition to her collection, one that I have my eye on.

Her skating accessories are something that would extend past just skating into the realm of winter wonderlands.

This is an extremely elegant and beautiful addition to her world. I love the use of the flower, though I have heard that it seems sort of cheaply made.

This poodle skirt is cut in a circle skirt fashion, making it perfect for twirling around!

Her pajamas are perfect for hot summer nights, and her slippers can be used as regular shoes as well.

The hair styling set matches her pajamas, and are perfect for adding soft waves to your dolls hair.

The crinoline is really nothing special, just or putting under her dresses. It is a tad expensive.

Her dog Scooter is really cute!

This set is really overpriced. It would be nice to add to other things, though I don’t know if it would hold up to heavy duty play.

This is cute, again nothing special. The poodle is a little weird for my taste.

You can connect the jukebox to a music player. It is very cute.

If you download the app, and have an IPad, you can make movies that your doll can watch!

This is cute, but super expensive, at 150 dollars!

Lastly, her big shot item is her seaside dinner, with over 30 accessories!



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