Story Time! *applause*

I’m going to tell you a tale, one of my toe.


     Yesterday, after horseback riding, (which I did with my good friend Margaret, and for her first time she did really well) we went swimming so that we could cool off. The pond we usually go to was super busy, so we decided to go to a different pond instead. We have an inflatable paddle board, and while we were blowing it up, my mom told us that our good friends from California were staying at their house on the pond  that we went swimming at, so we paddled over.

     They were pleasantly surprised, and we talked for about 15 minutes. But, then it was time for us to paddle back. We were walking-err running- down to there dock. I ran sort of near the edge, and then I caught my toe on the edge of a boat cleat. I thought I had just stubbed my toe, and was planning on just getting back on the paddle board, and going swimming for a bit more.

     But-it kept hurting, so I looked down at the dock, and it had been bleeding-a lot. So we went back to their house, and they drove me and me mom back to the landing that we had parked our car at, and my sister and Margaret paddled back.

     But I don’t want to get into details. So to sum it up, we went to the emergency room, and they had to glue my toe back together, and I can’t go swimming for a week!



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