Why haven’t I posted?


Here is a quick Q & A I am currently having with myself:

Why haven’t I posted?

Well, I haven’t posted because I have been at photography camp the past week. It was from 9:30 – 5:00 everyday, with the exception of Yesterday, when we went out to an island to take photos, and it was from 10:10 – 5:45.

Can I show you guys any of the photos I took?

Eh… not really because we took them on film cameras which was SO COOL, by the way. I could probably scan them in ot my computer, but it might end up wonky, so I’m not sure

Will I be posting more often from now on?

YES! I will definitely be posting more often. I will be going to Washington D.C. from the 12- the 16, so I will schedule some posts to go up then, but I won’t be actually posting fresh material.

What will I get at the AG Place in D.C.?

I will most likely be getting back-to-school things for my dolls (so sorry no dolls (probably))

When am I going back to school (public)?

I will be going back to school on August 31st this year.

I hope this explained things nicely to you.

Some of you guys have been expressing interest in my YouTube channel, so you can view a funny video I did with my dad a while back below:

Hope you enjoyed this post, and leave a comment below with any suggestions that you have for a) posts that you would like to see; b) things I should get at the AG Place; or c) your awesomeness, a.k.a. what you like about my blog 🙂



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