IDK what to call this, so ya…



It is something every blogger needs in order to survive this community.

I was blessed with amazing followers, and have only gotten one hate comment in my entire time spent on here.

I am writing this post to thank you guys.

I have friends, sure. But none of them are like me. None of them like dolls. Heck, not all of them like my dolls even a little bit.

Actually that isn’t true. I have one amazing friend who likes dolls. She is amazing.

But so are you guys. You guys are the most perfect friends that I have ever had. You never taunt me. You always say super nice things to me. You guys are amazing. And I love you for that.

So thank you

for always being there

for being amazing.

Thank YOU

my friend,

Thank YOU

all of you

19 perfect people.



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