Winnie is honestly the most photogenic doll


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I just finished a photo shoot with Winnie, and I want it to become an Outfit Of The Day post. Well, I’m gonna let Winnie take the lead, and I will have more things by me down below!



It’s Winnie! Today I had a HUGE gymnastics test, since I came here a month ago, we have been searching for a gym for me to train at. We found one recently, and they had to test my abilities, since the levels in France are a bit different than the levels here in America. The big test was today, and I was super nervous, because if I didn’t do well, it would decide my fate. Anyways here is the outfit I wore to and from the gym:


Here is a beautiful head shot, the one I will probably use for my profile (this will probably be in a future post). My hair is done in Summer Loony Braids, a tutorial that will be uploaded to Lilly’s YouTube video at a later date. This shoot was taken on Lilly’s steps, which is a great place to take photos, because it is surrounded by pretty wildlife.


My base layer is the Rosette leotard from the Isabelle line by American Girl. The leotard was the same one that I wore for the tryout, and it was perfect. It is really comfortable, and very well fitted. I especially love the tulle flower on the right shoulder(left for you guys). I completely recommend it to any one looking for a leotard for either dance or gymnastics!


Lilly made my shirt from a pair of old leggings and a free Liberty Jane tank top pattern. Lilly moderated the pattern a bit so that it looks more cut-off style. I love the way that this shirt looks with  and without the leotard, It is a very versatile peice, and is also very comfortable!


The shorts I am wearing were also made by Lilly, and I love the vintage feel of them. I like that they aren’t as ridiculously short as most of the shorts that I see in stores. They were supposed to be made with an elastic waistband, but those are very uncomfortable for me, so I asked Lilly to leave it out. Leaving out the waistband didn’t really make a difference to the overall aesthetics of the shorts, and I like them even more!

After the tryouts, the coach said that he would email us with the results by 2 tomorrow. I will Make sure to tell you in the post tomorrow! I feel like it went pretty well!


Did you like this post? I thought it would be a good way for you guys to get to know the new personalities of the dolls better. I did sew most of her outfit, and I really like the way that it turned out! Even just looking at Winnie enlightens me because she is so pretty. Do you guys like me posting every day? Comment below!



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