Wow you guys didn’t comment


Only one of you commented. It made me feel sad. I thought I told you to comment. Anyways, onto a photostory, that is sort of meh, but whatever…

It’s about Amanda’s birthday. in case you were wondering.


The pile of gifts reached towards the 10 foot ceiling in our cozy living room. It was my 11th birthday. We had already had cake, and eaten dinner, and now it was time to open them. I was excited, and wondered what my new sisters had gotten me. I mean, everyone (including me) but Rain came less than a month ago. That’s not a lot of time to get to know someone well enough to give them a super perfect birthday present.


Everyone sat in a circle around me. I was on the only squishy chair we had in the living room, and it isn’t even a real chair.

“Well, aren’t you going to open your presents?” Clementine asked in her perfect crisp British accent. When I first met Clementine, I had trouble adjusting tot her accent, but at least it is a lot clearer than Winnie’s french accent. I reached towards the first present, which was already opened.


It was a Madame Alexander Anne of Green Gables doll. She was perfect, though I thought she looked more like Clem than she looks like me. I love vintage things, so this was pretty perfect to me. I loved her. She was from the whole family. Next I reached towards a brown circular box, and carefully pulled of the lid.


“Wow! Ribbons! They are really cute!” I remarked once my eyes fell upon the beauties.

“I’m glad you like them” Summer replied, blushing a little.

“Like them? I love them. They will look really good in my hair!” I all but shout.


The next thing was a set of makeup, by a super popular makeup artist, Sophia Gerald! I could definitely tell who this was from.

“I though it would be perfect,” Winnie said, but with her accent it sounded more like: “I tought it vould be perfict”


“Wow! A pail of books! Yay!”

“Glad your excited” Rain’s smooth voice range out.


I grabbed a beautiful drawstring bag with daisies on it, and opened it to reveal a set of shampoo and conditioner. This was really good for me, because I always have to borrow my sisters, but now there is no need to, because I have my own(at least for a while).


My last present was a box full of magazines, and a note that said I had a subscription to the American Girl Magazine. Yay!

I guess my worries were for nothing, because this was pretty great birthday after all.

Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all, except that the doll wasn’t in  focused part of the time. Whatever.



8 thoughts on “Wow you guys didn’t comment

    • I got the doll from my grandmother who got it at an antique shop. SHe is a quite cute doll, and she came with the Anne of Green Gables book set, SO that was a bonus to an already beautiful doll!


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