Q & A!!!!!!!!!!!


Here are the questions I received:

My question: what got you into dolls? And do you expect to get more?

This is going to require a paragraph, so here we go: Once upon a time, there was a baby, she had just been born, and her grandmother brought her a baby doll. But not just any baby doll, a Pleasant Company Bitty Baby. With the doll came accessories, and soon after catalogs that the little girl would pore over with her sister, who was two years older than her. About 4 years later, she got her first doll, from her Grandmother. She loved this doll to pieces, and soon got another. This new doll was named Julie, and would be discarded in a couple of years. I kept accumulating dolls, until I am where I am here!

I do expect to get more, I am interested in the doll from my last post.

Do you collect anything other than AG dolls?

I sort of do, but not really… when I was younger I collected Littlest Pet Shop and My Little Ponies, but then they got worn out.. I also do collect Japanese erasers

What camera do you use?

I use the Stylus XZ-2 by Olympus 🙂

Thank for reading!



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