UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Updates


I just went horseback riding! Anyways, I didn’t post yesterday because UGH!


  • my mother got me the doll photoshoot kit
  • I am currently reorganizing my doll space

Thanks for the comments you left on my tbt post



4 thoughts on “UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Updates

  1. I see that you don’t really know what to post so here are some ideas for you:
    -start a ten minute brainstorming session where you brainstorm a cool photostory where you put your doll in a sticky situation
    -you can host a photo contest and ask people to send in photos just for fun
    -have you made something really cool for your doll? you can do a craft tutorial about it.
    -simply take your doll outside and take pictures of her!
    – you can do a caption that picture
    -or name that doll
    -you can do your thoughts on beforever lines

    anyways, hope this helps with your blogger’s block!


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