Valentine’s Day Contest!

Hi Guys!

2 posts in one day!

Anyway, I just cam up with a contest in honor of V-day!

Here are the rules!

1. Take a photo of your doll, draw a poster, make a photo story, etc.

2. Post it on your blog with a link to my blog

3. Comment on this post the link

The winner will get 15 extra entries when I do my giveaway (I am working on it, and will do it when I get to fifteen subscribers).

Have fun!

The deadline is February 13, 2015

Here is a photo of Izzy I took of her and Coconut:





2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Contest!

  1. I love this idea, there are so many giveaways going around these days! How would you like to do a trade like I did with AmericnaGirlGuide during the summer time? If you like the idea please contact me using the contact me form on the contact me page, thanks!


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