Happy and Editing!

Hi Guys!

We never lost power. But, we are probably getting snow again on Friday. I have also discovered that several bloggers live near me, which is really cool.

So about the series. I was thinking, and I realized that I needed a parent of some sort. But I don’t have enough dolls to do that. However I am planning on getting a doll in late April, so I will do my series then, meanwhile I have taken tons of photos, including two stop motions. In case you were wondering my YouTube channel is 4th Generation Dolls, typed just like that!

I also have edited a photo on PicMonkey, but now I don’t know how to get it into the post. Does anyone know how to do that

I HAVE 13 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!

Thank y’all so much!



3 thoughts on “Happy and Editing!

  1. I’m glad you didn’t lose power! Although I’m a little disappointed about having to wait until April (I LOOOVE photostory series!) I TOTALLY understand! In order for me to continue my pirate stories, I need to buy another boy doll, but now that just got even more difficult because MyTwinn stopped making boy dolls and I liked theirs the best…. Ugh 😦
    I wish I could help with getting the picture you edited on PicMonkey into a post, but I’ve never used that before :/
    Congrats on 13 followers! And thanks for following me by the way 😀


  2. I know how to do pic monkey that is what I use. When you are done editing just click save and it will save to your computer then just find it on your computer and upload it to WordPress. I will be sure to check out your YouTube!


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