Top Commenters of 2014! and more grace reviews

Hi Guys!

First off is the doll, Grace Thomas. I don’t really like her. She seems too much like Lindsey, Chrissa, and Mckenna combined. Also for some reason I really don’t like side bangs- even on people.

However, her meet outfit is pretty cute- especially the boots.

Her pajamas are pretty cute. I  might consider getting them.

TI feel like this coat is cute- just really overpriced. If it cost a bit less, or came with shoes, I might consider it.

This outfit is cute, but the short look like the gymnastics short that I used to wear.

I like this a lot. I think that all of the cute details are hat makes this set unique, like the polka-dots on  the inside, and the face that the heart on the luggage tag is really a lock. (to all you crafters out there, do you think you could do some sort of tutorial on items from this set?)

I really wish that this came with two chairs. It seems cute, but not everything matches and that sort of makes it distracting to me.

Wow. This is cool. But have you seen the price tag? 500 dollars is a lot for something you could make in a cardboard box.

These seem pretty cute. I don’t think I will be purchasing it, though. . .

So now for the top commenters

The #1 top commenter is: . . . allieginger  at with 8 comments!

And the second goes to:. . . dolldiys at with 5 comments!

Thanks for reading!


p.s. will you tell us the story of how you found our blog? Thanks!


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