Everything I got for Christmas in review

Hi Guys. This is a review of everything I got for Christmas!

First I will show you Isabelle, GOTY 2014.

Overview of Izzy!

Here she is in an overview.


Here is her face.

Here is my overall thoughts:

Doll: She is a beautiful and very photogenic doll. Her joints are tight, and allow her to stand very well. She has no blemishes or marks on her.

Hair/Extension: Her wig hair is really soft and fairly thick and easy to style. The extension is really easy to put in.

Clothes: The clothes are cute, and easy to put on. The pants slip down when she sits down.

Book: The book is interesting, and could happen.

Overall I like her very much, and am glad I got her!

The next thing is a mini picture frame I got in a Christmas Cracker. I won’t have a review on it, I just thought you guys might like to see it.


See, isn’t it adorable (or adollable:) )

Now the pajamas!


Here they are in their box!


They look super cute on the doll. Sorry but the overall picture wouldn’t load

Shirt: It is really soft, and fits the doll pretty well.

Pants: They fit well, and don’t fall down at the wait like Isabelle’s do.

Slippers: The slippers are insane, and if I were a doll I wouldn’t wear them on their own. But they look good with the outfit, so I guess I will leave them on.

Thank You for reading this post!

The next post will be me putting them extensions onto Izzy!

Merry Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Everything I got for Christmas in review

  1. Great reviews! I was thinking about asking for those pajamas for Christmas but then I decided I should ask for everyday clothes 🙂 Also, I can totally tell the difference in your pictures! They look a lot better then before, congrats on the new camera!


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