We love hot cocoa!

Hi Guys!

Sorry we haven’t posted in so long. Christmas has taken up all of our time :). Are you guys excited. We sure are! Anyways, today we have a round up of a lot of pictures we have taken at random times during our life!

First: Hot Cocoa!

Cup of hot cocoa

We are pretty much obsessed with hot cocoa! We love going inside after doing our chores on a cold afternoon to be greeted by a steaming cup.

2nd: Playing in the snow!

Saige Grace in snow

A while ago it snowed, and wiped out our power for four days, so we decided to make the best of it by playing in the snow.

Third: New Water Bottle

Doll Water Bottle

Mom gave us this water bottle as an early Christmas gift, before one of McKenna competitions!

5th: American Girl New York

Kit display



We especially love Kit’s new meet outfit!

6th: Photo shoot with Saige Grace




We hope you enjoyed!


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