It’s Snowing!

Don’t you guys all love waking up to look outside and see big beautiful flakes falling from the sky? We sure do. That’s why we were super excited to wake up this morning to see snow falling.

Mom said that we could take pictures and play outside tomorrow since we had to do school work today.

We are super excited to let you guys know that we love you all so much!

In the next few weeks we will be busier than ever, but we will try really hard to post something at least every week except we will do an extra one either the day after or on Christmas Day of us opening our presents.

Also we were nominated for the Blogger award, and we are really happy, but we don’t know what we are supposed to do since we were nominated by both Doll Mag and American Girl Guide.

If anybody knows what we’re supposed to do please comment below. We need your help!

Also please comment on the survey if you have done it, so we know who has done it.

Thank You!


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