Entry From Emily’s Diary

Hi Everyone!

We got in a fight today and wanted too tell you guys about it by having Emily write in her diary and taking the entry to post it.

Anyways, here it is:

November 9, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today Grace, Mckenna, and I got in a fight. It wasn’t just a little fight, it was a big one with lots of screaming and crying. It all started when Mom said we needed to clean our room. . .

McKenna: But why do we need to clean our room?

Mom: It looks like a pig sty, and smells like one, too. . .

Emily: I guess we should just get it over with. . .

We start to clean our room, and get about 20 minutes in until Grace breaks the silence

Grace: You know we wouldn’t even have to do this if you guys actually cleaned up after your self for a change.

Mckenna: Says the dirty underwear that says Grace on it lying on the floor.

Emily: Grace has a point though, I think we should try to be a little more cleanly, including you, Grace

Mckenna: Oh, so now you stop being on my side. I see how it is, whoever you think will win the fight, you immediately go over to there side.

Emily starts crying and asks for everyone to stop arguing, Grace and McKenna start to yell at each other and Emily. Things derail from there.

That’s it for today, Diary,

Love Emily


I hope you like the post from today. Comment any questions you have for me and I will answer them at the end of the day Tuesday.



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